Friday, December 2, 2011

The End...or The Beginning?

I have a friend, whose code name (because we all require a little privacy) is Sushi-Chan. Sushi and I were discussing various aspects of writing, when she asked me probably the best question I could ever think of. She said, "Gemma, as a writer do you think it's important to know when/where a story is meant to end?" And I couldn't help but think, wow, that is probably one of the most important things about writing.

Now, if you are someone who has read previous posts on my blog, you'll know that I have dedicated quite a few of them to the topic of difficult things to do, while creating a story. I mean, lets face it, writing isn't easy! Of course I have complained about how difficult it is to say good-bye to characters, and the world I created, and the villains it took so long to conquer over...but never did I really think about why I ended the story where I did, or why I wrote those specific words on the page!

So, Sushi, here is my answer: As a writer, I think probably the thing that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster, and ache just a little bit more, is knowing that you wont get frustrated with your characters when their locked up in some dungeon and you don't know how to set them free. You won't blush over those scenes that you had to delete in order to protect your innocence. You won't have any more sword fights, or battles, or deaths. And even though, a story never really ends, it's important to leave your reader with the satisfaction and conclusion that they so desire. And that makes you feel that, yes, it is alright to say goodbye. There will be other characters, and there will be other battles, and there will be other stories to write.

As a writer, you can end a story where ever and whenever you want. But a good ending, a great ending should always be a little sad, and a little hard to read. Why? Because that means that it was a story that was worth reading. And whenever something good ends, even if we weren't disappointed in the least, it's always a bit painful, to close the book, and move on.

So, writers, end your book wisely...and if you aren't quite ready to say goodbye at the end, then you can always write a sequel. :) Because no matter what the end is, it's always the beginning of something better.

Stay warm!

PS: Thank you for your brilliant question Sushi-Chan Rebekah Mihyun Chapchae Omu-Rice Deluxe!