Saturday, December 18, 2010

When Nothing Goes Right.......Go Left!

Of course, now that it's time for the holidays I'm supposed to be writing more, BUT I CAN'T! My mind is currently like the Sahara desert, not a single drop of water (I write as I listen to "A Year Without Rain", wishing I had that dress). So, my brilliant plan? R-E-A-D!!!!!

Ok, you caught me. It's not exactly brilliant, but how else is a writer supposed to get ideas? Movies are helpful, true, but through books you can actually see how the weaving of words forms a bridge for the characters to cross. (Unfortunately for Rune and Ruby-my own characters-they are suspended on a bridge that has a gaping hole in the middle, unable to get to the greener grass on the other side. The troll is snickering.)

So, I figured it would help if I made a BOOK WISH LIST it may in fact help. So, here it is:

  • Sapphique
  • The Makeshift Miracle
  • The Forest of Hands and Teeth
  • White Cat
  • Love, Death, and Songs (something like that, I'm being bad and not remembering)
So, I hope that over the holidays I will have lots of time to read, write, and relax! I wish you the very best holiday (singing: And a happy new year!) Though I'm sure I'll post before then.

Enjoy the snow, cuddle up by the fire, make a nice cup of hot chocolate (unless you are allergic to chocolate, then popcorn will do,) and grab a good book. If that doesn't work for you, then do something else. (Just like if reading doesn't work for me, I'm sure I'll find some more solid substances to build the bridge :P) I mean, after all, when nothing goes right.....GO LEFT!

Happy Holidays!

PS- Thanks for commenting! :D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Much Anticipated Teaser of "Book One: Broken Glass"

Now that I've been in contact with a few people of importance in publishing, I've been asked quite a lot "What's you're book about?" and if you remember my previous entries, I'm supposed to tell them in under 30 seconds! (Gasp) So, I must admit to you dear readers, that I have not yet accomplished this task. I have, however, written a teaser on it.

So, here it is! The very first preview of my first novel: Broken Glass:

Stoic and goal driven, Rune seems the ideal son to the throne of Phethion, the world of shade run by none other than the Darkwings—evil creatures with sharp teeth, and pupil-less black eyes. Unlike most royals however, Rune lacks the sheer cunning mind that puts many of them at the top. Or rather, would it be that he has no interest in falling to such levels?
On the eve of Rune’s twelfth birthday, he finds his destiny set out before him… And his fate is far from anything a prince would expect: Blood, betrayal, and revenge. 
Six years later, Rune is now leader of the Dawnbringers, a society devoted to defeating the Darkwings and their notorious Ravenwood Court.
Rune, though powerful and well known, often only says what is needed, keeping to himself, and longing for a better future. But things are about to take a turn. He suddenly finds himself as sworn protector to the princess—Ruby Bloodheart—a girl who hardly follows any orders, and is constantly putting herself in danger. Rune will not hesitate to protect her. But soon Rune will have to draw his sword no longer to defend but to kill. 
It is a time of war, and Ruby and Rune must learn to trust each other, even if their words are based on lies. For it seems as though Rune is determined to keep his past—and his future—forever secret.
Rune, tempted by the darkness within him, now sees another problem, making his decisions even harder: He is falling in love with Ruby. But, will love be their relief or their ruin?  Only time will tell, and they have little time left before their world shatters…just like broken glass…

© 2010 Gemma

Hope you enjoyed! It needs a bit of work, but it is the first teaser I've ever written!!! (Smile) So, tell me, would you read my book?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Frost

Wow, can you believe it? First of December, and it already seems like we'll have a winter wonderland just in time for the holidays! Well, as exciting as this is, I have even better news!!!! I have just sent off my first few chapters to a professional editor! It's a bit nerve-racking to know that my baby is no longer in my hands, but I can't help but feel adventurous. :) Could it be that--just like the first frost--this could be the first step to success?

Fingers Crossed!

Have a great week, I'll post soon, promise!