Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saying Good-bye......?

After pouring your heart and soul into a made up world filled with colourful characters and mysterious places and wondrous and magical (stupidly unrealistic) situations, how could you possible decided to not write any more about it? How could you decide to move on? I've only written the first book (and have started the second) but I know how it's going to end...and that's hard to swallow. "What is, Gemma?" Well, the fact that there is going to be an end.

We go through life, and face so many choices along the way: Yes or no? In or out? Love or hate? Good or bad? Stay or go? But that isn't always up to us. And it is NEVER up to the characters. I mean, think about it. Here I am, the creator of their world, of there lives, and I can make them do whatever I want. (Of course, they aren't real, but this is all metaphorically speaking. Don't worry, I haven't completely gone bonkers :P) If I want someone to die-They die. If I want a boy with blue hair and green eyes-POOF!-There he is!

But, now I have the biggest choice. Happy ending....or tragic? Truth be told: The tragic ending would be best. It just seems like that is the way things are meant to be, but I like to think that there is some good in the world. I like happy endings. Heck, I can't read books that DON'T have happy endings.....but can I write one?

I know that you bloggers haven't read the book (working on thinking up a few posts to introduce it!) but what would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you write three books just to end it in tragedy, though it seems right....or would you end it with a less cheesy version (though equally predictable-with a few twists) of "happily-ever-after"? Can I actually say good-bye at all?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Come Into My Parlor," Said The Spider To The Fly....

Have you ever seen a spider make dinner? Sure, there's the odd TV special on the Discovery channel, but I'm talking about live. You see, I am not such a big fan of spiders (though ironically my mom loves them) and so, we (which means my mom and a very very small and fearless part of me) take great pleasure in having this HUGE spider, living outside our window. Now, this thing is MASSIVE!!! Like the size of a quarter! And today, while eating my own dinner, I got a little free show.

Here comes a beautiful moth, with sparkling effervescent wings, dusted with a light powder. Gently it glides towards the light, it's fuzzy feelers looking so soft and cuddly--WHAM! It smacks right into the web! One minute it's Barbie Fairy Topia, the next it's Return of the King "Frodo's For Dinner That's What". So this huge spider then starts wrapping up the moth-who is desperately trying to get away-with this shiny silk, sucking the blood out of it like something from Twilight! :0 It was horrible. :( So, this post is in memory of the brave moth, who just couldn't stay away from the light........DON'T YOU KNOW THAT PEOPLE SAY THAT FOR A REASON??????

But, in retrospect, it was actually kind of fascinating. I mean, isn't there ever a grizzly part in a novel that makes your skin crawl, but somehow the gore cheers you on to keep reading? Or why people watch horror movies and go to Halloween Haunt (which I so want to go to ;P)? It's simply strange that we would want to be scared for fun, or watch a moth massacre for fascination and curiosity. But, we do. Is this not human?

Still, with all these movies and tales that we have been exposed to, it makes me wonder: What are we afraid of? For example: I'm not afraid of zombies or ghosts or the boogie-man, but I'm afraid of Open Heights. (I will not stand on a desk for my life!!!! Rollercoasters and planes are alright, I'm secured :P) And we read all about these brave and fearless heroes all the time, yet surely they must be afraid of something OTHER than losing their "one true love", right?

So my question for you is: What do you think heroes are afraid of? And more importantly, what scares you?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Makes You Smile?

You wouldn't believe the things that make me laugh :) Check out this clip and tell me what you think:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Death Warmed in the Microwave of....." I'm Sick. :(

Yes, so as the school days fly past, more and more people have become the host of the common cold. "HELP! HELP! OH, HOW WE HAVE BEEN FEASTED UPON BY LIVING THINGS, INSIDE OUR FRAGILE BODIES!!!!!!!!!" That is basically what runs through my mind, before I compose myself. (Sigh). So, here I am, four tissue boxes at hand, and Cold-FX standing by. Still, I am trying to stay on which way was it.....??

Well, good news! I may have found a potential editor for my manuscript, which means I'm only that much closer to being published!!!! YAY! :D But, that is still only a maybe, we will have to wait and see. For the meantime, I am trying to cheer myself up, and not be too much of a little black raincloud (hovering over the honey tree. Sorry, remnants of childhood memories :P) So, back to the point of all this: Writing.

Now, to those of you who have read my previous postings, I had my first "Writing War,"consisting of riddles. Well, here is the second!!! (Note: as more and more people comment, I will post more and more in-depth things about my writing.) Alright, I am going to ask your opinion on something, and you are going to comment and tell me what you think about it, or what you would do. It's a kind of vote, I suppose you could say. So, are you ready? Here it is:

A character has just had an epic battle somewhere in a maze-like building. He has momentarily rendered his opponent unconscious, and must move quickly in order to escape. However, he has a few problems: 1 = He is badly injured. 2 = He doesn't know which way is which, and he is beginning to become delirious, visions of strange colours confusing him even further. 3 = His best friend (who has stuck with him through the toughest of times) is locked on the other side of building. (Keep in mind that it's a fair sized building). 

Now, here is the question:

If it were you, would you face your fears and save your friend, or would you face the fact that you have limited time before your opponent wakes up, and flee? 

While I go blow my nose, with "Puff's-Plus Magic Kleenex", think about all the options (pros and cons) and comment back to me. (Only if you want to know what happens!) The characters' fate rests in your hands! ;)
Have a good one, enjoy the rain!!! :D

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Answers

Wow!!!! So many fabulous answers! Thank you to all of you who gave it a try, and don't feel bad if you didn't get the answers right to the riddles, I must admit, when I first guessed, I was WAY off :D I just wanted to give out a big virtual piece of cake to everyone who took the time to read them over, get really frustrated, and comment anyway! Lot's of you got some of the answers right, and some of you didn't.

But, as I said before, this was a test to see how smart you really are. And you want to know a secret??? THAT WAS THE FIRST RIDDLE!!! Your intelligence isn't based on how many answers you get right, it's how much effort you put into doing your best. And I suppose this is why I love riddles so much, and why it helps me to stay on track with my writing. :D So, without further delay, here are the answers:

Level: Easy

1. Answer: The Third Door: Lions that haven't eaten in three years are dead!

2. Answer: A "murder" is a flock of crows.

3. Answer: Noon and Bob (basically any "sandwich" word.)

Level: Medium

1. Answer: A bolt of lightning

2. Answer: A lie

3. Answer: An egg

Level: Hard

1. Answer: The army is a rainstorm

2. Answer: The gems are: Amethyst, Emerald ( Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz ), Ruby, Pearl, Diamond, Tiger's eye, Cubic Zirconium (Fake diamond), and Black Opal. Taking the first letter of Amethyst, second of Emerald, etc... spells out "Ambrosia"- The food of the gods.

3. Answer: The question is: "If I ask the other person which road is safest, which will he tell me to take?" It doesn't matter which one you go up to, because then you simply do the opposite. Example: If you go up to the knight (who always tells the truth), and ask him this, he will tell you what the knave (who always lies) will say, and vice versa. If the knight says "the ___ road" then he will have told you what the knave will say, which is a lie (and vice versa). By doing the opposite, you will avoid danger :D (I save the best for last)

Bonus: Your name

That's my post for today, but it's FRIDAY!!!! So, I'll have lots of time to write, read, and blog over the next few days. Thanks again, and check in soon!!!! TGIF, and have a good weekend everybody! :D *Smile*