Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Immortal Relationships........why does it wound us so?

Though I know there are few who truly read this, I have a feeling that one day, people will in fact notice that I exist on the great World Wide Web :D And today, my dear class, our topic is immortality. Now, I'm sure you all know what it means--Hmmm? No Jimmy, I am not a vampire that sparkles.

But seriously, why is IMMORTALITY such a huge problem for writers, especially when it comes to relationships? Of course, if there is a race (such as vampires, or warlocks, etc) then indeed it is problematic. The result is most usually that the humanesk/mortal partner becomes immortal. If you are reading a book in which two of your most favourite characters just broke up, mainly because of one being immortal, I can see how that would upset a reader. Even though there is a high probability in them getting back together, you still never really know... The author could be evil.

As a side note, I am often one of those evil authors. If a character has no more use, I take my chance and kill them. But, I have faith that since they had no more use, the readers most likely won't really be too upset over the character's death. (Unless they are a pacifist, in which case you REALLY should not read anything of mine :P) But, if it is a major character, then yes, you would be extremely attached and worried for their future.

So why do authors do it? Why put their characters through such turmoil, and the readers along with it? Well, there is the first case: The author wants to evaluate the general public's reaction to such a break up, and possibly get ideas to how it could be solved without being cliche. Secondly, it may in fact be where the book was headed. Thirdly, the author may just need their characters depressed and vulnerable so that they realize how much more miserable life is without them together, or so that one (or both characters) can be all mopey and unaware, and will go get themselves into a dangerous situation in which the other will rescue them, and they get back together! Yay! (All is fair in love and war!) Or, perhaps the most well written, brilliant, and soul shattering explanation......the author.....has....a point to make. I KNOW! WHAT BS RIGHT??? Who needs points or well written, bitter sweet, righteous endings! Cliche romance with happy endings please!!!!!

But hey, the truth is, whether the relationship is immortal or not, there are always going to be breakups, and reunions, and love, and heartache, and angst, and....endings. Happy or sad, all relationships have one kind of ending or another. If you freak out because you can't control what happens in a relationship, then one: DO NOT READ!!!!! And two: you can't be prepared for life! If you are prepared, and you love reading, but STILLLL freak out over fictional relationships (immortal or otherwise), then do what I do:

WRITE! Because that way, you can make up whatever you want, and whether it's good or not, chances are it will be what you really want in a book. :P

Have a great week!
Long weekend coming up!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I HAVE A CONFESSION!!!.......I hate pink....

Well, hate is a strong word. Allow me to rephrase: I dislike the colour pink. So, you can imagine my fear when I found myself designing costumes for a high school performance of LEGALLY BLONDE! For those of you who don't know what Legally Blonde is about (and believe me, I CERTAINLY DID NOT!!!!) I suggest you google it :) But, back to the point: Dear god, pink simply infected my life. And I don't mean affected, or effected. It IN-fected my life. Like some strange fluffy cotton candy disease that plagued my room and wardrobe and marker selection!!! Since the beginning of January, pink has been the definition of my life. The very air I breathe is pink...and...scented!!

But, after all this hard work, pink, sweat, and pink, and more pink (did I say pink?) the costumes bring out the true essence of the characters. And now, I accept my life as the pink pompom it is. As a costume designer for any form of play, the most challenging thing is not really getting the credit that you are entitled to. For a while I struggled with my inner ego, wishing people realized how much work I did put into the thing that, for a time, had suffocated my perfect black and burgundy. As the days rolled on and rehearsals seemed to draw into the night, I realized that I was just happy to be a part of this, and to explore my creative boundaries.

Just yesterday, I was at rehearsal and something quite peculiar happened. A man approached the lead actress and began questioning her, jotting down things every so often on a spiral bound note book. I vainly wanted him to question me too, sure it was for a promotion flyer or pamphlet. But, of course, that never happened. And, I was okay with that.

Today, after just getting home from rehearsal, I saw the newspaper lying on my front porch (as it usually is) and wondered if I was going crazy. You see, I don't think I've ever seen any news paper sport so much pink on the front page, so clearly the pink was now also giving me head trauma. As I picked up the paper I felt my heart race. There was our two lead actors, snapped mid song, promoting the musical of Legally Blonde.

Now you see, most people would see the actors and read the article and go "Wow! That's great! I'll go get tickets!" Me? I looked at that picture and thought, "Holy crap! What a great pink power suit! I can't believe I got that at Value Village for $12!" And that, my dear readers, is what becoming a costume designer is all about. When it's for a high school performance, there is no money, no fame, no flowers. It's simply all good fuzzy feelings, great buys, perhaps your name at the back of the program, and a whole lot of pink.

And now, after all this, you must have guessed that pink isn't so bad now, right?

..........YOU ARE WRONG! But have a great night anyway ;P