Saturday, July 30, 2011

Writing, Editing, Drawing, and Still Getting Nowhere. What?

Okay, so I have been a good little girl and have been writing everyday! Yay! I am working really really hard on Broken Glass, trying to perfect it, meanwhile starting an interconnected story. The new story involves some characters from Broken Glass, but it is completely different. I never realized how difficult it would be to write two stories at once, because in my mind I think of them as just one thing: A world with people in it. In order to sort things out, on the side line I have then started mapping out different scenes through drawings I have done. But, this then takes away from time to write, ugh!

Then, on the other sideline (yes the one to the left, there you go!) I am helping a friend and fellow author edit his story, which is an epic mystery, as well as editing my own story. I wonder vaguely how I ended up at this point, seeing as summer is supposed to be a relaxing time. I am, however, determined to get all of this done! I will totally do it! Maybe.......NO, I WILL!

In any case, I know that I really don't have to do anything, but when I look at it, it is 100% worth it. This is how I can fulfill my dream, and like I said before, I will do anything for that. I hope everyone is having fun relaxing! If not, then take some time to enjoy the sun.....unless you're a vampire, then I recommend you relax inside. (I am indeed joking :P)

Happy Summer! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something To Keep You Tied Over...

I know, I know, it's been over a month since I last posted anything, but to be honest I've been so frustrated with writing, I've actually been avoiding my computer all together. Truth be told, I'm having a difficult time figuring out my multiple plots. I mean of course I need to finish the Broken Glass trilogy, but now I've also become obsessed with this new story! And as far as the "new story" goes, I'm totally confused as to how it's going to play out. MAJOR WRITER'S BLOCK MODE: ACCESS GRANTED. YOUR BRIAN IS NOW UNDER CONTROL OF THE WORLD OF NOTHING. THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY. Yes that is what is currently flashing through my brain, which has now turned to pulp.

Well, I promise to keep you all (if you are anyone) updated, but for now, here's a new poem. Tell me what you think! And have a great day!  © Gemma 2011

Beauty is my hunger,
Fragrance builds my lies,
Roses make thy garden,
Love that never dies.

Look into my wonder,
See the world is small,
Smell the pretty roses…
Sweet, but that is all. 

Grasp the thorns of briar,
Bleed with lust and fear,
Tremble in my presence,
Know the end is near.

Speak not of the shadow,
Cry the darkest name,
Loved you, I did promise,
Rotten deep with shame.

Power filled me sharply,
Sucked the goodness dry,
Love you, I shall promise,
‘Til the day I die.