Monday, March 26, 2012


Many people ask me where I get my inspirations from. I have revisited this topic probably hundreds of times, and my answer changes every single time, so I figured I would give you, dear reader, something of a slide show!!!

A long time ago (in a far away land -- aka England...and Scotland) my mother and I were on vacation! Whoohoo!!! (Hi Mom! :3) And of course while my mother took numerous photos of me standing beside important and historical sites... I snapped random shots of houses and cobble stones. Why? Because I knew that I could use it for inspiration for my novel!

Note: Here I have simply shown a picture and then posted a small comment on what it inspired me for.

This is a beautiful house...which then was described as the house of my character. (SO PRETTY!!)

This dress was used for a ball in the sequel.

CREEPY GRAVEYARD!!! See that broken tomb stone?? I'm positive a supernatural being came out of that! (This was used in an epilogue for a random short story :P)

This is the most beautiful fish I have ever seen, and was used as a character's pet. :3

As you can see, you can get inspiration from anywhere, and everywhere! And it's always good to be prepared:

I always have my note books and iPod with me :3

You never know when you might see something amazing!!!
So keep your eyes wide open!

Have a great Monday!

"DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE!!" -- my kitty cat Judah >^..^<

Monday, March 12, 2012

It Hasn't Really Been a Month...Has It??

I can't believe it's been a month!!! So sorry.

Sadly I have caught a nasty cold the first day of my week off, but I hope I'll be better before the end!!

There isn't really anything exciting going on. So I haven't posted anything. Here's a motivational quote to keep you going:

"It's okay to be

I promise to be more exciting soon!! :D
Please comment, and request things you'd like me to talk about.

Have a great March Break!