Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Death Warmed in the Microwave of....." I'm Sick. :(

Yes, so as the school days fly past, more and more people have become the host of the common cold. "HELP! HELP! OH, HOW WE HAVE BEEN FEASTED UPON BY LIVING THINGS, INSIDE OUR FRAGILE BODIES!!!!!!!!!" That is basically what runs through my mind, before I compose myself. (Sigh). So, here I am, four tissue boxes at hand, and Cold-FX standing by. Still, I am trying to stay on track......now which way was it.....??

Well, good news! I may have found a potential editor for my manuscript, which means I'm only that much closer to being published!!!! YAY! :D But, that is still only a maybe, we will have to wait and see. For the meantime, I am trying to cheer myself up, and not be too much of a little black raincloud (hovering over the honey tree. Sorry, remnants of childhood memories :P) So, back to the point of all this: Writing.

Now, to those of you who have read my previous postings, I had my first "Writing War,"consisting of riddles. Well, here is the second!!! (Note: as more and more people comment, I will post more and more in-depth things about my writing.) Alright, I am going to ask your opinion on something, and you are going to comment and tell me what you think about it, or what you would do. It's a kind of vote, I suppose you could say. So, are you ready? Here it is:

A character has just had an epic battle somewhere in a maze-like building. He has momentarily rendered his opponent unconscious, and must move quickly in order to escape. However, he has a few problems: 1 = He is badly injured. 2 = He doesn't know which way is which, and he is beginning to become delirious, visions of strange colours confusing him even further. 3 = His best friend (who has stuck with him through the toughest of times) is locked on the other side of building. (Keep in mind that it's a fair sized building). 

Now, here is the question:

If it were you, would you face your fears and save your friend, or would you face the fact that you have limited time before your opponent wakes up, and flee? 

While I go blow my nose, with "Puff's-Plus Magic Kleenex", think about all the options (pros and cons) and comment back to me. (Only if you want to know what happens!) The characters' fate rests in your hands! ;)
Have a good one, enjoy the rain!!! :D


Susan said...

Interesting problem! I think I would resolve to face my fears and help my friend, but just as I make that difficult decision, my friend would break down the door and come to MY rescue...after all, what are friends for? :) Enjoy your blog, hope you are feeling better soon! :)

Gemma said...

Thanks Susan! I love the twist :) To all you bloggers, quick comment: I have been indexed in the Google Search Engine!!!!! Just type in: "Gemma's Word Gems" (with the quotation marks) and my posts pop up!!!! Yay! Have to go now, but I'll post something else soon! Have a good one :)

Ms. K and her students said...

Congratulations! You are officially indexed by Google - wow! That is really fantastic!!!

Susan said...

Congratulations on being indexed...the possibilities are endless :) Welcome to the World Wide Web!

Lamia said...

i think i would help my friend and face my fears...because friends are somthings you can't leave behind and forget about...also even if i did ignore my fears at the moment, i would still have to face them someday, so its better doing this now while i can save my friend.

bell said...

i agree with lamia