Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Song Of hope

This is more of a serious post. This winter has probably been the most trying for not only myself, but for a lot of people...

You know, sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes events tear apart our world, and our lives, and the people we love...but there is always hope. Winter is always so bitter and cold, but today is the first day of spring. A day of new beginnings and life. Today is the day you look past the blistering cold, and see the sun. Sure, you've seen it a million and one times, but in the winter the sun seems to shine with an almost frozen light. Now, it has redeemed its warmth. And so we should have hope!

This is a sad song, but it's beautiful. I think that if you listen to the lyrics, you'll think that it's about two people going separate ways, and saying goodbye. You'd be right. Still, I think it has a different meaning. I think that the "me" in the song, can also be considered as a kind of hope. In any case, I hope that you enjoy it, and have a wonderful first day of spring!

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Susan said...

This is very beautiful, but somehow sad, too...lovely music, lovely words. You always seem to find the best of the best...Happy Spring to you, too! :)