Friday, May 6, 2011


I now know what it means to have a great story. I was wrong before, I always thought that a great book, or comic, or movie had to be a certain way...and I shall admit, that I was wrong. I have just (this very moment) completed watching the first season of an Anime (a form of a Japanese TV series) titled "Kuroshitsuji," or translated in English as "Black Butler". It is the first Anime that I have ever loved soooo much, and cried so much in....without being disappointed.

You see, at the very beginning of the series, you know that the main character (Ciel Phantomhive) is going to have his soul eaten by his demon butler (Sebastian), due to a contract they made: Sebastian will help Ciel get revenge for his parents death, and the price to be payed is his soul... You also know, as the viewer, that in the end, (at least the end of season one) that Ciel is going to know that all humans do, and that Sebastian will live on, for he is indeed a demon.

And yet, through this complicated plot of British tea and dark magic, you find yourself constantly yelling at the screen, for Sebastian to come and save Ciel, and for various characters not to perish by means of fire, chainsaw, or cutlery. And still, even in the very last episode, you sit on the edge of your seat, (sobbing hysterically in my case) for some turn of events to occur.

And when they do not, you find yourself amazed at how beautiful the story was. You find yourself satisfied, and awed at how well everything came together. Even though, it was a tragic end for our most beloved Ciel, you really can't think of a better way to end the series, for it is a befitting death....for a Phantomhive, that is. And even though there is a second season, where characters miraculously come back to life, and more exciting and thrilling adventures take place (and where there is a much happier ending for some ;p) in that moment at which Sebastian "hears the final call" you realize that you don't need anything more. (Despite the fact that you know you are going to watch the second season, because Sebastian is just that fabulous, and you don't know what you'd do without more of him.) But, still, all your questions have been answered, and eventually, the curtain must fall at one point or another.

You see, this is what a spine-tingling, heart-racing, mind-boggling, fantastic story really is. In the end, you won't be left wanting more. You won't be unsatisfied. And you'd realize that in the end, it wouldn't matter if it was happy or not, because you would still love the world and the characters, and you would live in that story over and over and over again.

I commend all the authors and creators who have accomplished such a story. I applaud all of those who have left their fans satisfied. And let this be in memory, for all the characters who died for the fate of a greater tale. (Whether they stay dead or not ;P)

Now, I'm going to go look over my own story......with a new perspective, clearer mind, and the hope that I too can write a great story.

Enjoy the rain!  

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Susan said...

I love your new background!!!!!! (...and, of course, your insights!)