Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Read?

There are all kinds of different readers: Some who read to educate themselves further, some who get bored and need something to occupy themselves, and some-like me-who lose themselves in books, to escape their own reality, and maybe sometimes, even escape themselves. And their's nothing wrong with wanting a repreive, is there? And it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with your own life-my own life-eitehr. Sometimes though, you get sick of your own reality, like watching a movie over and over again...and you hear about all these other movies, all these other stories, and for a moment you know you can be part of someone elses life...even if it's only real inside your head, or held captive on the pages of a book.

And readers who wish to escape, don't just choose any books either. (Well, I don't at least). I find myself unable to read anything remotely normal-no girly gossip story, or story about an ordinary girl/boy with a tragic life-because no matter how different the story may be from my own life (and I really am quite fortunate to live the life I do), it could still be someone elses reality. And why would you want to escape from your reality, only to enter a different one? So, the books I choose are specific: Magic (fantasy), romance, adventure, deep characters, and a happy ending. There are so many books I've only half read, abandoning them when I find out they end in tragity...others I only read through dedication.

And you may ask me, "Why? Not everything can end with fireworks and celebration and the princess being whisked away by her dashing prince (or a certain number of vice versas)..." And that's true, not every story can have a hppily-ever-after, which is actually why I only read things with happy endings. Imagine, if perhaps your story-by strange chance and coincidence-was one of those storied with a tragic ending? Isn't it better to believe that no matter the circumstance, their is proof, somewhere that things can end in "happily-ever-after"? Other wise...well, I suppose there really would be no point in hoping, would there?

And now, after my "earnest confessions" have been revieled to you very unfamiliar strangers (if there is anyone out there at all), you may question my feelings, my theories, perhaps even my sanity (though that seems a tad far fetched)...but think about this: It is said that we write our own stories, and that we make our life the way we want it to be. Maybe if we (me) hope for that happy ending, we can make it come true. (Even if we risk setting ourselves up for dissapointment).

So mull over my words, think about my thoughts, and ask yourself, "What kind of reader am I?" Because that way, I assure you, you'll learn a great deal about yourself. And if you're anything like me (perhaps some hopeless dreamer, living in some dusty drawer in our minds, where all our hopes are kept) maybe then you can make your dreams possible, through one way or another. :)

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helen.gajewski said...

Gemma, your writing shines and is better than a lot of so-called professional writers. You are a careful thinker and hold yourself up to exceedingly high standards, which is what you need to do if you want to be published. Don't focus on writing too quickly; embrace your writer's block. You will come up with something when you least expect it and then off you will go. Lots of incredibly great writers take years to complete a book. So go ahead ruminate and be confident that you will be in the company of other writers who care about their craft!