Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warning: Author On Rampage. You Have Been Warned.

You must be wondering why it's been taking me so long to post something on my blog. Well, good news! I've been writing, but more than that I have been studying for exams (WHICH ARE NOW OVER!!!!!) while I blast up "Tokio Hotel" on my stereo. So, there is not much news, but there is news.

Where to start? Well, I've been procrastinating with my novel, but I have been working on another story to keep me in over-drive. >^..^< And though I sort of feel like I'm cheating on my characters, it's something that needs to be done. Not quite ready to post any details about it yet, but checking in; it should be soon!

What's that you say? Oh, yes, my rampage. Well, my latest challenge has been to write a query/cover letter, and I must say it's coming rather well. By sorting out through all the specifics: All the tedious measures to insure that writing a query letter actually seems much more difficult than actually writing the novel, so far I have come up with:


Yup, that's it. "Dear...." is what I have come up with. "So, Gemma, where are the goods?!" Well i don't know! I mean is it over here, is it over there? Did you check under the kitchen table? No you say? Then is anyone up for a game of Chess?

Alright, but back to the point, it really frustrates me! I mean, the stupid letter just has to be perfect! If I do this but don't do that then, POOF out the window! If I put that paragraph in front of this paragraph, POOF! It's going to take a lot of hard work, but as I said, I'm going to fight!

And, since you've been patient with me, I will give you a piece of the goods. Here is a poem I've written, and I would love it if you would tell me what you think:

“The old moon is hollowed,
With smoke of the fire.
The blood shall be swallowed,
With greatest desire.

A devious smiler,
With hoops of blue jewels,
A charming beguiler,
Who preys on you fools.

He grins at the savage,
He winks at the stars,
He whistles at ravage,
And laughs behind bars,

In the depth of his sin,
He waits and he lingers,
To wash the blood in,
And clean his long fingers.”

© Copyright Gemma 2011

And with that I bid you farewell! Check in soon, because with a new month beginning, crazy things are bound to happen! (Especially on the 14th!) Happy February EVERYONE!!!!!


Susan said...

I LOVE the poem....very creepy indeed! You really have a wonderful way with words!! I especially like the part "He grins at the savage and winks at the stars, he whistles at ravage..." :) I wonder where you are going to use this poem? In your new work or in the book in progress...? Go Gemma, Go! :)

Ms. K and her Students said...

This is very evil-sounding! I would not like to meet this guy in the woods on a cold, dark night! I think he must hang out in graveyards...

Gemma said...

Thanks to both of you! Ms. K and her Students, I agree entirely. :) This person is seems very evil indeed (and there are a few incounters with him in the woods on a cold, dark night!) And you're also right that he spends some of his time in graveyards, but not for the reason you would think....DUM DUM DUM DAAA! >:)

Susan, thank you for the compliment, and as for where I am going to use the poem, I am going to use it in the epilogue of my 2nd book (the book in progress) where this new character is introduced. I must admit, this poem does not fully represent him in himself, but what he appears like.

Keep checking in, more information coming soon! Have a good weekend! :)

Alex Meglio said...

Can you say "eerie"? Goodness gracious, maybe it's time to start on a horror series, eh Gemma? ;)