Friday, September 2, 2011



So, I bet you're wondering what this "mission impossible" thing is. Well, I have set up a nearly impossible challenge before me: There are 5 days left (4 and a half) of summer vacation. Sure I've been writing a lot during this summer, but not enough to make it count. So, my new goal is to write 400 pages in 5 days. That means an average of 80 pages a day.

 No problem you say? Well, considering my current rate is 2.18 pages per day (what with being distracted and procrastinating and what not), it would appear that I truly do have a "mission impossible" on my hands.

However! I really want to make this summer count. So here we go. 5 days, 400 pages, a lot of Pepsi and Pocky, minimal amount of washroom breaks, and a whole lot of fantasy. Do you think I can do it? I sure hope I can! :0

Have a great day!


Crystal said...

Wow! I think you can do it! Go Gemma Go! Make every day count! (Count up to 80, at least :P) Sorry, that wasn't funny. :( I totally think you can though!

Susan said...

You are a talented and dedicated writer, so I think you can do it, too! :D However, if you should fall short of your goal, remember that quality is more important than quantity in the end! Meanwhile, I'll look forward to reading what you create in the 5 days...!