Saturday, September 24, 2011

Money Can't Buy Everything....Can it? :P

Everyone asks me, "Gemma, what inspires you? Where do you get your ideas from?" Of course my answer is usually "Everything! I get my ideas from everywhere." And it's true that ideas can be found everywhere, but that doesn't mean that everything really inspires me.

What gives me my best ideas are my own things. My red coffin ring, or steampunk watch, or walking stick that turns into a sword. (BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER BTW!) A lot of my characters wear things from my own wardrobe, or things that I pride myself in. But, in order to keep adding inspiration, that requires a bit of "cha-ching"! (My writers' block usually kicks in when there's no money left on the tree :P) And of course I feel a bit guilty spending money here and there, when I should really be saving it. :(

My mom always tells me (usually when I complain about how much my savings have depleted,) that "Money doesn't make you happy!" And she's right. I don't need to go and buy a new ring in order to incorporate it into my book. (But if I do, then I can describe the weight, and the texture, and the detail much better.)

So in order to justify my spendings, here's a little song I learned in keyboard class:

"Money can't buy everything. Money cannot make you king. Money cannot bring success. Money can't buy happiness... But of one thing I am sure, money doesn't make you poor. Money doesn't make you sad, so money can't be all that bad!"

Love you mom! <3

Have a great weekend everybody! (And go buy yourself a little something ;P)

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