Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Age Is Just a Number

Age is just a number, and I fully believe it to be true. Age is just a number...but apparently not to certain people. Ohh, yes, I thought I'd have a blast at scouting the Internet and looking at possible agents and publishers and whatnot. And then I came across an article that really made me angry. The truth is, some (NOT ALL, JUST SOME!) adults just don't think that teenagers should be publishing. They say that we haven't fully grown into our skill yet, and that we will only get better, and that we should wait because we have the rest of our lives before us, blah, blah, blah...

But you know what? It's true. For example, I am a good writer, but in a few years I will be a great writer. Why should I still not publish my book? Ok, so, pretend that I really want to be an animal trainer, but I know that I'm too young and however good I am, I'll improve. So, I avoid all animals, and then when I am old enough......I FIND OUT THAT I'M TOTALLY UNPREPARED!!!!!!!! I want to experience this, all of this: The writing and re-writing and editing and finishing and sending in query letters and manuscripts and even being rejected...Yes, especially being published.

So, yes, I do agree that there is always room to improve, and that I haven't yet reached my full potential, but so what? Why can't I publish my book, even if it's not my best work? It's still (in my opinion) pretty darn good. And I think that one of the reasons that these people don't like getting work from teenagers is that agents and publishers want the very best of the very best and have you write a really long best selling series and make movies and merchandise and have this "one hit wonder". While that sounds fantastic, I don't plan on just writing this one story. I have close to ten others that I could (potentially) turn into other novels.

So, I challenge you great agents and publishers, who think that teenagers shouldn't be concerned with getting published because we are not YET good enough: What if (and only if) I am a great writer? What if my story could make millions? What if I'm the next JK Rowling (unlikely, but I'm on a roll...) And you just missed out on the biggest shot in a lifetime, just because of my age??? I mean, is that honestly what we are basing talent on? A number? There are some people who are very young and twice as experienced as some adults! Age is just a number, and I think that if you walk around with a closed mind and an idea in your head that you just aren't willing to shake loose, then I think that you're going to miss out on a lot of fantastic opportunities.

Maybe you are right. Maybe I am too young. But you know what? Right now, I am unconcerned with what other people think (unless it is constructive criticism or a motivational speech). Why? Because I have worked too long and too hard just to put my passion and (frankly) life's work aside, and give up, because someone said that teenagers are waisting their time.

 I'm fourteen, and yet I have the time to care and write one book for four years. Time to re-write approx. 26 copies, and to spend my free time ordering books and reading best-sellers and researching and starting this blog and getting smaller things published. So if you think I'm just going to surrender, think again. I have my
3 D-Words: I am Determined, Diligent and Devoted.

And, yes, I am fourteen...

But age is just a number.

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bellabear said...

age is just a number and u are so talated with everything u do ur my idoal (i think i spelt that wrong)oh well anyways love ur blog ;p