Monday, September 13, 2010

Too Many Books!

Well, in being a "Book-Worm", I am cursed with the incurable: "There's a book I want to read.....YOU HEAR ME? I HAVE TO READ IT NOW!!!!!" disease. There are so many books that I feel I just have to read, and only get around to actually reading them months later. So, I have just (when I say "I" I mean my mom) purchased: The White Cat (Holly Black), Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare), Finnikin of the Rock (Melina Marchetta), and I am in the middle of numerous others. So I then ask myself, "Gemma, what is the point of you going on Amazon and looking at books? You know that you'll find at least twenty, and then narrow it down to five. Seriously woman!!!!" And the me inside my head is right, so I listen carefully for about a minute and then devote all attention to the books on Amazon. (Sigh) What a life.

However! The books I do have, are very good (when I have time to read them). Of course normally I would finish some of them as quickly as I picked them up, but now I'm in high school. So, I have no time to write, read, or anything else except do homework and breathe (and yes, blog) so now all my fabulous books are gathering dust! I've left one character with a broken heart, another that's about to be eaten, a boy in a strange kingdom, and a girl all alone in an institute with her crazy brother. What kind of person am I???? :(

"But," says the inner me, "this is a lesson for you, Gemma. You need to learn to balance your life with what you want to get done and what needs to get done. Mantra: Balance." Alright, I suppose I am exaggerating a bit. I can make time to read and write and have fun. But, I still stand behind my words.....

There are too many books!!!!!

(Even if I am adding to the pile........)

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bellabear said...

ha ha ur tottaly right and lolcatzz with the high school i have it the same thing but i also hAVE time to hang out with u jamajamits bell by the way ;p