Monday, January 17, 2011

4 AM...Rollercoasters...Bradly....Colin...And the Spider.........WHAT?

So, my good friend Clare has by far the best taste in music. So, a few days ago she came to me and said, "Gemma, you have got to hear this song! It's so sad, but I know that you'll love it." And, as usual, she was right! I love this song, but I must warn you, it is a tearjerker. (Grab those tissues and take a seat.) You may not like it, but tell me what you think :)

Alright, yes that was sad, so hear are some hysterical videos filmed by the British cast of "Merlin". (You'll still need the tissues, you'll be laughing that hard :) )

Rollercoaster ride.....

"You're the Voice......"

 The Tale of Bradly, Colin, and the Spider :)



Susan :) said...

....yes, sad - but also, somehow, hopeful, because he has figured out that it is really important to forget hate and to appreciate sunny days, instead of retreating into our worries/sadness/disappointment, etc. Love is there, but we have to remember to communicate it and not take it and good times for granted. So that is hopeful! :) I like the song a lot,, to the rollercoaster rides? Brilliant, obviously, I'm a big fan :)

Gemma said...

Yes, I do agree with you completely. However, and I truely hate to point this out, but when the sun comes out and everyone is in the car.....It was the light of heaven, and the car was carrying them there :( But the other videos are very funny. I'm glad you enjoyed them! I love Merlin, and I'm so happy season 3 is now on SPACE!!!! :D Thanks for the awesome comment! Keep checking in!

bell said...

lol i feel honerd to be on ur blog and im not always right just most of the time u are to tho and love the youtube clips :p