Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011 = Ultimate Wish!

Wow, can you believe it? Another whole year gone! It's said that time flies when you're having fun, but who has a whole year of non-stop hullabaloo? Every year is like a rollercoaster, and man do those things whizzzzzzzz!!!! But, this year is extremely special: Its "THE ULTIMATE WISH".

Every time the clock says 11:11, you are supposed to make a wish. Well, if it's 11:11am/pm on 11/11/11, how lucky is that wish?! "Do you really believe in wishes, Gemma?" Yes, I really do. Do I think that if you wish for a pony the next day you'll wake up with a rainbow pony in your backyard? No. But I do believe that if you want something with all you're heart, wishing only takes you so far. Wishing for something means you want it enough to fight for it. There is this great saying from "The Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" that says "...when you've flown as far as your wings can take you, you're half way there." I love that quote, it's brilliant.

"Alright Gemma, so you believe in wishes, what about magic? Do you believe in that?" 100%. But, what kind of magic are you talking about? If you’re asking me whether or not I believe in Fairies and Angels and Dragons and stuff, then to be honest, I really can’t say. I believe it’s possible, theoretically, and I do believe that they are based on facts, but I really do not know. Here’s what I do know:

1—Magic is everywhere, and it takes shape in a lot of different ways. Love is magical, the colours of the rainbow, how the seasons change, our very existence. To me that is magic.

2—There is a book called Fairy Kisses by Patrick Regan (it is my favourite children’s book) and there is a quote in it that says “believe in what you cannot see and maybe then you’ll see it.” I believe that too.

3—In the realms of our mind and imagination, anything is possible. In creations you cannot base anything on previous knowledge or facts for it is brand new, and the face that you your very self made something new is magical. How did you do that? How did your mind work like that? That to me is magical.

That’s what I believe. Do I believe that a gnome is going to jump through my window and tell me that I’m actually a descendant from a fairy line of royalty, no I really don’t. But I do believe in magic and wishes, and dreams and fantasies. And you know what? I bet there are a lot of people out there who think I’m crazy for it. And hey, sometimes I am. But being crazy and believing in magic is required for what I love to do. It works for me. The question is… Dose it work for you? J

So how did all this start? Just from talking about the year 2011? Well, it is a new decade, people are licenced to be a bit excited. So go out tonight, have a blast, countdown to midnight, write down your resolutions that you know probably aren't going to be accomplished unless you're truly determined, and look forward to that ultimate wish, because magic is everywhere.


Happy New Year Everyone! *CRACK* (Cool! A party hat!......)

PS- Check when this was posted, it took planning.....known as scheduled timing ;)

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Susan said...

First, I am not too surprised about when this was posted, because you are apparently extremely organized and punctual :) Second, I think you have chosen a magically outstanding way to begin this New Year! Three, I'm sure you are not the only one who believes in wish-magic...for example, I do, too! Four, I adore that quote from "The Legend of the Guardians", it is one of my new favourite movies.

You are amazing!! May all your dreams and wishes come true :)