Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Did You Come Up With Broken Glass? Where do you get ideas?

So, the other day I was telling my friend about my book. (Her name is "Bellbear", aka Clare :) ) And she asked me, "How did you come up with your book, Broken Glass?" At first I didn't really know what to say :S I mean, what do you say to a question you don't know the answer to? "Ummmm.....?"

So, Bellbear, here is my very long and thought out answer to your question :)

*Note: If you are reading this, I suggest you don't have anything important to do, because it is very very long! So sorry!*

That is a very difficult question to answer, and I must admit, that for the longest time, I didn’t really know. Whenever anyone asked me I would ramble on explaining the entire plot, explaining the characters, or sometimes I would quickly answer, “It’s a romance between an Angel and a princess,” or, “It’s a quest to save the world” (which is a very cheesy answer and if you tell anyone that I assure you they will purposefully avoid reading it.) Only on October 27th, (Tuesday) 2009, at precisely 8:44pm did I truly know. (No, I am not some lunatic that has an incredible memory, I wrote it down at the time J)

          At thirteen, on a typical Tuesday night, not much happens. There are no Darkwings that come to invade my castle or a handsome Angel to whisk me off my feet (which I think is actually a pretty funny saying, because if you cook—not that I do—then you’ll know what a whisk is, and boy would that hurt if someone started whisking you off your feet!) Anyhoo, now I’m rambling, sorry L

          My story is to a certain level, about a fallen Angel. No, I do not mean that it’s about an Angel that got kicked out of heaven and is now on earth, it’s about an Angel (Rune) who was born with the plague of having Darkwing blood in him, an evil shadow over his heart, which has made him “fallen”. My story is about his attempts to right himself, about how difficult it is.

Here is where I get my Ideas:

     From everywhere! From personal experiences and dreams and thoughts and books and movies. I got the idea for Fire Angels from when I was up at my cottage in the fall. It was really sunny so I was lying under a beach tree for shade. When I looked up, the sun through the yellow and orange leaves glowed all sorts of fire colours and couldn’t help but think that they looked like feathers.

You’d be surprised, but the first copy of Broken Glass is almost like a completely different story from the final copy. The original is about this punk girl named Clary and this blond boy named Mo who lived in the town of library and found out they were half vampires. (I had just finished reading City of Bones and Inkheart and was currently reading Twilight).

My ideas come from absolutely everywhere, and I’m sure that yours do too. J

However, if you are asking me where I got the idea to write about Angels in a mystical medieval world, now that is a different story! I know that what’s in right now is Vampires, and Urban Fantasies about Shadowhunters and Dragon slayers, and, yes, even some fallen Angels. And I know why: It’s because people want to prove that dark mystery and magic can be found everywhere, and bring the dark beauty of skyscrapers and the city into perspective. Why didn’t I just “go with the flow”? Because I wanted to bring people back to a time that has been long forgotten. Before TVs and iPods and Hanna Montana. Even farther back than the 1800s (which is probably one of my favourite times!) I wanted to feel part of the raw magic that could have been. I wanted to write a fairytale like no other, a fairytale gone wrong. And you know what? Not everyone is required to like that, but I strive for difference. It was simply a story that I felt needed to be told.

There you go Bellbear! The very long version of how I came up with Broken Glass!

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bell said...

lol catzz that true and i asked u that like a week ago at school lol im happy u took long it means u wanted to give me ur best answer and it was a great answer long but to the point lol note i didnt say short cuz it was very long ha ha happy to be in ur blog :p